The Best Home Addition Contractors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Thanks to its relatively affordable housing and plethora of job opportunities, many families are keen on staying and planting their roots in Philadelphia. However, as time goes by, the needs of every family grow, and with that comes the eventual need for more room. Making additions to your home can get quite tricky, though, as it requires strong attention to detail and deep care for preserving and adding to the unique character of your personal space.

To help, we’ve gathered a list of the seven best home addition contractors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, curated based on their experience, the quality and complexity of their projects, and their reputation in the business.

Top Green Architects

Hanson Fine Building & Preservation

86 W. Johnson St., Philadelphia, PA 19144

About Hanson Fine Building & Preservation

For 35 years and counting, Hanson Fine Building & Preservation has been building long-lasting structures and great working relationships in the Philadelphia region. With a focus on historic preservation and energy-efficient construction, it does great work on all aspects of construction in projects like renovations, custom additions, and sustainable new construction.

SMaking a home addition calls for having a good idea about the intricacies of the existing structure, and with that, the team always makes sure to approach each project with clear communication, effective problem-solving, and site sensitivity to preserve the character of the home while making a good addition that addresses the clients’ growing needs.

Featured Projects

This is especially evident in the project featured here. The West Philadelphia Addition project featured below is a prime example of the firm’s commitment to sustainable construction. Nearly every part of this new home addition is made out of repurposed materials, from the white-washed walls that were salvaged from an art gallery to the floor that came from salvaged heart pine beams, and even the roof rafters that were taken from a former church in Manayunk. On top of being sustainably built, all of these elements combined make for a unique kitchen in form and style.

Bellweather Design-Build, LLC

4613 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19143

About Bellweather Design-Build, LLC

Bellweather Design-Build prides itself in its finely-tuned process, superior communication, and integrity in creating homes that reflect the clients’ vision and goals for their new space. On top of this comprehensive process, its managing partner, Will Giesey, also has extensive experience in renovations and remodeling, with an interest in engineering, energy efficiency, historical preservation, and modern, timeless design which certainly reflects in all of the company’s construction projects.

Bellweather Design-Build’s expertise in making tailored home additions is displayed in its work on the Four Level Graduate Hospital Rowhome, made for a growing family who has outgrown the 3-story house they loved. Instead of moving out of their beloved quiet neighborhood, they decided to take over some of their generous backyard space to create more room for the family.

Featured Projects

This project added 1,000 square feet to the rear of the home, along with the addition of a pilothouse and a roof deck. Meanwhile, the kitchen addition featured below includes two-toned blue and white kitchen cabinets and white quartz kitchen countertops with a farmhouse sink. This project ended up being awarded the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Regional “Contractor of the Year” award for projects over $250,000 and was featured on the cover of Philadelphia Magazine’s 2020 real estate issue.

Orion General Contractors

100 Cricket Ave., Ardmore, PA 19003

About Orion General Contractors

In the past 24 years, Orion General Contractors has been providing an exceptional level of craftsmanship and service. As a high-end boutique construction firm, it has worked on a wide array of projects ranging from small jobs to multi-million dollar additions and alterations.

For its dedication to fine-tuning details to each project’s specific needs, it has received numerous awards including three Lower Merion Township preservation awards, five regional Home Builders Association “Pyramid Awards,” the Main Line Builders Association “best Residential Remodel Over $1,500,000” and a national “Best of the Best” award from Professional Remodeler Magazine for the best whole house green remodel.

Featured Projects

When it comes to home renovations and additions, Orion General Contractors has a particular knack for building in traditional and farmhouse styles, like the Haverford Transformation featured below. Orion’s team is great at creating timeless additions to classic homes by adding to its innate charm and elegance.

Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc

919 Glenbrook Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

About Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc

Gardner/Fox Associates strives to make the building process of unique spaces simple and easy. Since its establishment in 1987, it has been providing exceptional customer satisfaction, earning it its reputation of being one of the top design/build firms of Philadelphia and the Main Line. Its in-house team of architects and interior designers all work together in order to create a space that is truly made for the client, making it a great choice when it comes to making comprehensive renovations and home additions.

Featured Projects

Take for example the award-winning shingle-style Victorian addition project featured below. Being a late 19th-century structure, it is imperative to preserve the home’s unique character while still bringing it up to date for the current homeowners. Gardner/Fox’s team worked on a program that significantly altered the old floor plan and masonry in order to attach a 2-car garage, side entry, mudroom, and pantry, all while still keeping the home’s classic charm. The restoration aspect of this project was recognized with the Best of the Best Design Award for the best project overall in a national remodeling competition, as well as the inaugural Historic Preservation Award from Radnor Township.

J. Schwartz, LLC Remodeling & Fine Home Building

7 E. King St., Malvern, PA 19355

About J. Schwartz, LLC Remodeling & Fine Home Building

For two decades now, J. Schwartz, LLC Remodeling & Fine Home Building has been setting the standard for fine home building in the Pennsylvania area. In all of its projects, it strives to implement the latest building science in order to make sure that the final product meets the standards for safety, efficiency, and health, all while staying mindful of the client’s budget, time, and needs.

Featured Projects

When working with projects, clients can expect that the team engages with each step in a collaborative approach, with onsite supervision for each aspect. Its team strives to provide a smooth and tailored experience for the client while making sure that through this hands-on process, every detail is accounted for in building the client’s dream home and in making the perfect additions. Take for instance the firm’s work on the Haverford PA Kitchen Addition. This home addition below features the the addition of this elegant kitchen in a way that blends in well with the rest of the home.

Buckminster Green

1516 N. 5th St. Unit #325, Philadelphia, PA 19122

About Buckminster Green

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Buckminster Green is a design-build remodeler, specializing in green home remodeling and renovations in the area. Bringing its love for design with each home it encounters, Buckminster Green stays involved in all phases of the project, from planning right down to the finishing touches. Thanks to its systematic approach to remodeling, it provides a beautiful and functional long-lasting space that families can enjoy for years to come.

Featured Projects

One great example of its expertise at work is the Rittenhouse Square Rowhouse project featured below. This project presented some very unique design challenges that the team managed to create insightful workarounds for. For starters, the Rittenhouse Square used to be split into eight Airbnb units with a kitchenette in each, and the team was tasked to stitch it all back up into a single-family home for their clients and their four children.

Displayed below, the kitchen was built to be just right for entertaining visitors and for serving as the “command center” of the home where the family can meet and dine together comfortably. Prior to the remodel, the old kitchen was accessed from the dining room and was followed by an inconveniently located full bedroom and bath addition. Of course, in order to create a more seamless floor plan for a single-family home, the team demolished the structurally unsound addition at the back and replaced it with a light-filled breakfast room that fully opens to the expansive kitchen seen here.

Cottage Industries, Inc.

237 W. Lancaster Ave. Ste. 200, Devon, PA 19333

About Cottage Industries, Inc.

Since its inception in the ’80s, Cottage Industries has maintained a love for working on older homes. It first began as a company that renovated houses to rent or flip, but eventually, thanks to its work and customer service, the team garnered a customer following that pushed them to develop a new business practice, dedicated to providing clients with good, long-lasting home renovations and remodels. The firm believes that a home addition isn’t just done to make the place larger — it’s also a way to reconfigure the home to work better for the clients. Finding a new place in your neighborhood of choice isn’t always feasible, so sometimes additions are often the most ideal approach to enhance the home.

Featured Projects

An example of Cottage Industries’ work is this Up and Out project displayed below. The firm added in more elbow room for the family while still merging the style smoothly with the existing structure, creating a more accommodating home that grows with the family.

The Best Industrial Architects in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia’s economy is filled with thriving industries including manufacturing, oil refining, food processing, biotechnology, and more. The growing demand for high-end and state-of-the-art structures continues to push designers towards creating forward-thinking design solutions. Many architects and design studios in the city offer a range of services and style variety.

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The Best Green Architects in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



As one of the oldest municipalities in the country, Philadelphia is home to a lot of old but very important buildings. Its long list of national historic landmarks—67 to be exact—includes the meeting place of the founding fathers of the United States. While history is a source of pride to Philadelphians, there is more to the city than meets the eye.

Philly is a thriving economic center and one of the most relevant educational hubs in the country. The city has been going through an urban transformation for the past few years. And with urbanization comes the call for conservation, both historically and sustainably. The city of brotherly love is now taking steps to go green as it joins The Nature Conservancy’s Urban Conservation Initiative. This will put the city on the road to becoming one of the greenest cities in America.

The architects in this list are some of the best contributors to Philly’s green initiative. These 10 green architects are the best in sustainable design in the region and they were selected based on their impressive portfolios and inspiring commitment to green building.

Top Green Architects

Re:Vision Architecture

133 Grape Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127

About Re:Vision Architecture

For Re:Vision Architecture, sustainability is not simply an option. It is the heart and soul of the firm and every project it takes on. Founded in 2002, the firm set out to think and build green, all the way. Now it has solidified its reputation as a green architecture and sustainability consulting firm, with a long list of accreditations and credentials related to sustainable design. Principals Scott Kelly and Jennifer Rezeli don’t mind those big titles at all. These two powerhouse architects bring a few big titles of their own to the firm.

Scott Kelly, AIA, is co-founder and principal-in-charge, LEED fellow, founding board member of Green Building United, and recipient of Philadelphia AIA’s prestigious Young Architect Award. Co-founder Jennifer Rezeli is LEED AP, a passionate environmental educator, and recognized by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council as an Environmental Leader. Together with their team of visionaries and “green-thinkers”, Kelly and Rezeli are leading Re:Vision in its mission to deliver the best green and sustainably developed projects possible. Experts certainly agree as Re:Vision has been a certified B-Corporation since 2007, recognizing the firm’s consistent efforts in maintaining minimum environmental footprint in its projects.

Featured Projects

Re:Vision adds this picture-perfect farmhouse in Newtown Square to its portfolio of high-performance projects. This family residence was built with passive solar design and re-used barn materials. It received a design award from the National Society of American Registered Architects in 2014.

Richard Pedranti Architect

129 Sawkill Ave., Milford, PA 18337

About Richard Pedranti

Richard Pedranti Architect operates on a Client-First policy. The firm’s passion for the people it serves runs as deep as its commitment to sustainable building practices and designing energy-efficient projects. This commitment has been the root of its practice since 1998 and it appears to be working out well. Clients’ testimonials continue to rave about RPA’s collaborative design process and how the firm manages to capture the client’s vision for the property.

The nationally affiliated, full-service architectural firm is getting rave reviews from industry experts too. RPA currently has two Design Excellence and Environmental Design awards from AIA Pennsylvania and is making a name as a national leader in Passive House design. The firm often designs houses in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, but has projects across the country including West Virginia, Florida, and Maine. RPA has recently received 2 Green Home of the year awards from Green Builder Magazine.

Featured Projects

The Lang/St. Marie property in New Jersey is a stellar example of how RPA combines strong design aesthetics with green building principles. The modern, minimalist residence is not only a sight, but it is also an AIA-Committee on the Environment (COTE) awardee and a certified Net Zero home.

BluPath Design

1722 Pine St., Unit F, Philadelphia, PA 19103

About BluPath Design

Laura Blau is a woman of many titles. She is a published author, a multi-awarded artist, an educator, and a sustainable architect with multiple certifications under her belt. She is also the principal of BluPath Design, along with her partner Paul Thompson. Together they have over 60 years in the architectural design and construction industry, 20 with their award-winning sustainable architecture and design firm specializing in zero-energy design.

This extraordinary woman leads BluPath Design with her unique approach to the sustainable building by studying projects from an artist’s perspective. Melding art, meaning, and building science is their forte. Laura brings a sensitivity to architecture that integrates style and function with science-based envelop design, using Passive House Standard best practices. The result is evident in the firm’s portfolio of inventively designed energy-efficient properties that look like works of art.

Featured Projects

Take the Italian Market Passive House, the first PHIUS Plus project in Philadelphia, for example. This 2300-square-foot residence is built on top of an existing 2100-square-foot warehouse. The double-height southern windows are adorned with a sculptural sunshade designed to protect against the summer sun while inviting warming winter rays in, casting changing shadows across the walls from the image of pixilated trees from the owner’s honeymoon cut to the metal panels.

ISA – Interface Studio Architects

1400 N. American St. Suite #301, Philadelphia, PA 19122

About ISA – Interface Studio Architects

Interface Studio Architects (ISA) is a research and design firm specializing in residential properties. By combining sustainable design and a deep understanding of the urban lifestyle, the firm is literally redefining urban living in Philadelphia.

ISA believes that starter homes can be sleek, but also green and affordable. It has designed a new generation of starter homes that are big on function, bold in style, and modest in prices. It’s a tall order but the firm is already making strides in the right direction. ISA’s innovative take on residential housing design is changing the cityscape, it’s no surprise that the firm is becoming known as the go-to name for young and hip urban dwellings in the city.

Featured Projects

ISA continues its trailblazing streak with the Tiny Tower. The 38-ft, 6-level experimental project bagged the 2019 AIA Housing Award, once again proving the firm’s ability to think over and above the constraints of space, price, and function.

Studio Agoos Lovera

One South Broad St., Suite 1700, Philadelphia, PA 19107

About Studio Agoos Lovera

Surviving 37 years in the business is an extraordinary achievement. But Studio Agoos Lovera has no plans of resting. On the contrary, this architectural design firm is simply stepping on the gas with long-term plans to evolve, expand and further stabilize its future footing.

Jim Rowe credits the firm’s longevity to purpose, planning, and a collective go-getter attitude. Since becoming principal in 1999, Jim has always had a clear goal in mind: to be known in the industry as a firm that provides the highest possible level of design services, no matter who the client and what the project is. SAL’s wide range of projects, from residential properties to commercial projects, clearly shows that goal is already in check. Now the firm is gearing up for bigger goals with new leadership, more projects in the works, and a continued vigor for the future.

Featured Projects

One of SAL’s most striking projects is the private residence in Gap Head. The property is a delicate balance of modern lifestyle choices and sustainable building practices. It earned the firm a Builder’s Choice Design and Planning Award.

C2 Architecture

270 W. Walnut Ln., Philadelphia, PA 19144

About C2 Architecture

When clients see problems, C2 Architecture sees opportunities. This positive mindset is a standard in the firm and founders Jim and Ilka Cassidy wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jim is a registered architect, an expert in large-scale historic adaptive reuse projects, and a university professor. Ilka studied in German and is highly trained in energy-saving construction. Influenced by their international experience and combined cultural heritage, they take on each project by finding space for innovation within design problems, using conversations with clients as the basis for creating solutions. They also have an affinity for history and a knack for transforming the old into something phenomenal.

Featured Projects

Case in point, the $25 Hatboro lofts project in Jacksonville Road. The property was a former stove works factory from the 1920s, and Jim and Ilka saw nothing but potential. Together with the C2 team, they transformed the space into a modern luxury apartment complex. The property bagged the Preservation Achievement Awards from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.

Continuum Architecture & Design

1219 N. 4th St., Philadelphia, PA 19122

About Continuum Architecture & Design

Judy Robinson is a woman with a plan and it involves more than just building houses. Her vision is to change lives through her designs. The one-woman powerhouse behind Continuum Architecture and Design goes beyond buildings and spaces. As an architect, she designs with people in mind. As an art educator and photographer, she appreciates culture. As a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), she does not take shortcuts on sustainability. And as an active member of the Philly community, she always takes history into account, knowing full well that spaces hold human stories.

Featured Projects

Judy believes it is her responsibility to preserve history and to make those stories thrive. This thoughtful work philosophy is present in Continuum’s projects, most distinctly in the LaColombe project in Fishtown. Judy worked with Stokes Architecture who did the interior finishes. She was able to turn the former garage into a social hub and culinary destination without losing the industrial elements of the original structure. The project earned her a Preservation Alliance Grand Jury Award in 2015. Other notable projects of the firm includes the Crane Stable and the Icehouse Residences, both of which received recognition. 

Carnevale Eustis Architects

181 Bridge St., Phoenixville, PA 19460

About Carnevale Eustis Architects

Tom Carnevale and Lauren Eustis are serious about green buildings. The fellow architects and LEED-AP professionals founded CE Architects with one goal in mind: to design and build green, no matter the constraints. This passion is what moves the husband and wife duo to find every opportunity to use sustainable practice and it has been the anchor of their design practice for the past 24 years. Tom and Lauren received the 2020 Heritage Award from the Schuylkill River Heritage Center for their work over the years in historic preservation in Phoenixville.

To say that people took notice is an understatement. The award-winning firm is now known in their native Phoenixville as the name to call when it comes to custom renovations, adaptive reuse, and restoration projects. They continue to educate and further influence the community by serving on several historical, planning, and zoning boards in the region.

Featured Projects

The Phoenix Iron Foundry project is a recipient of the 2008 Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia Grand Jury Award and 2009 Preservation Pennsylvania Commercial & Industrial Historic Preservation Award. The 140-year-old landmark building stands as a reminder of Phoenixville’s steel and iron legacy and Tom and Lauren’s work and commitment.

The Best Multifamily Architects in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


As one of Pennsylvania’s oldest and largest cities, Philadelphia houses a thriving community of about 1.5 million people. Philadelphia is a city not just rich in history, but in magnificent centuries-old neighborhoods that accommodate families of all sizes. The best thing about the city is its vibrant multifamily market that has grown steadily over the previous decade. Philadelphia multifamily developments are designed to accommodate more residents without sacrificing the quality of life, providing various amenities and facilities.

In this list, our editorial team has ranked the best multifamily architects in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, based on their company’s profile, history, services provided, client satisfaction, awards earned, and media mentions and exposure. As a result, clients can be guaranteed that any of the companies on this list will expertly implement their unique project visions through the firms’ distinctive designs and services.

Top Multifamily Architects

Atrium Design Group

1024 N. 3rd St. Ste. #201, Philadelphia, PA 19019

About Atrium Design Group

An architecture and design-build firm founded in 2013, Shimi Zakin (AIA) and Nurit Nachum created Atrium Design Group. The term “atrium” refers to a courtyard, which is a place of community and light. The firm believes that excellent design should serve as a platform for a better community by incorporating areas for social interaction and increasing possibilities for the inside and outside to meet. By examining and reimagining concepts of location and traditions, Atrium strives to provide meaning to a complex world.

Featured Projects

The firm’s portfolio exhibits expertise in the multifamily, residential and commercial industry— with over 35 projects completed in eight years. The 620 N. 3rd Street is one of these projects. It incorporates a sleek contemporary take on multifamily structures. A mass composition made of current materials extends the realm between traditional and contemporary. The home boasts of horizontal wood slats on one side, huge balconies, and a red metal that separates the framed wood and brick bookends. All of this is on a concrete foundation with different sizes of circular holes strewn about, providing a space where profound devotion reveals itself in the lighthearted enrichment of everyday existence.

Millan Architects

15 West Highland Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118

About Millan Architects

Millan Architects was formed in 2001 with the goal of creating meaningful places with enduring elegance, lasting value, and environmental sustainability for a select clientele. Founder Matthew Millan (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) AP®, Building Design and Construction (BD+C) and National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB) certified) brings his client-responsive, innovative and sustainable architectural services to a broad group of clients. The full-service design firm is process-driven, motivated by a common desire to produce compelling architecture that adheres to its fundamental values.

Featured Projects

For over 20 years, Milan Architects is proud to have worked on diverse conceptually demanding projects—from commercial and institutional establishments to multifamily housings. One of the firm’s current multifamily projects is the Park Place Apartments. This upcoming structure is a ten-unit, two-story bar that anchors the north side of an infill site, including a drive aisle and parking on the south side. Park Place Apartments embodies a contemporary design of one to two-bedroom micro-apartments that provide clean, modern living spaces in a handy area.

KJO Architecture

2424 E. York St. Suite 110, Philadelphia, PA 19125

About KJO Architecture

KJO Design LLC is a Philadelphia-based architecture and planning firm formed in 2011. The firm aims to create excellent structures and designs that improve the surrounding environment, as well as to provide quality service and connection to its clients. Founding principal and member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Kevin O’Neill ensures that the firm integrates these objectives in every project. This philosophy leads to the production of successful, memorable, and well-thought-out initiatives that increase client loyalty and satisfaction.

Featured Projects

The studio works on a variety of project types at various scales for regional and national customers. KJO’s portfolio ranges from commercial buildings and mixed-use buildings to single and multifamily residential developments. A prime example of the firm’s upcoming remarkable multifamily designs is Trenton Avenue Front Gardens. Before the intended development, the tiny and scarcely usable code-compliant back yard is elevated to the third story and turned to the front of the structure. This creates a brighter and more functional outdoor space that connects physically to the upper-level interior while preserving a roofline that is in scale with the surrounding environment.

Marshall Sabatini Architecture +

113 Cumberland Place, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

About Marshall Sabatini Architecture +

Since its establishment in 2003, Marshall Sabatini Architecture + has been a full-service architectural company dedicated to providing customers with the best value possible on each and every project. Despite its small size, the Philadelphia-based firm has the knowledge and competence to provide the services that are anticipated of most major organizations. While the firm takes pleasure in improving the built environment in our area, its capabilities are not restricted to the tri-state area; it is registered to provide architectural services in 15 states. The firm has been featured in several publications, including the Builder Magazine and Philadelphia Business Journal. It has also won multiple awards, including the 2020 Synergy Award from the Homebuilders Association of Delaware & Chester Counties.

Founder and owner John Marshall is a member of the AIA, NCARB, and also sits on the Haverford Township Historical Commission. His 28 years of experience in the field of architecture enabled him to grow the firm to specialize in excellent architectural design solutions. An example of this is the recent multifamily project, Spring Oak Townhouses.

Featured Projects

These 2800-square-foot buildings have the appearance of an older, well-established community since they are built near a sidewalk. Each townhouse has a wide front porch to encourage social contact with other residents. To accentuate the time-honored beauty of traditional materials, any brickwork utilized on the front is also continued along the side of the building. This concept for the Spring Oak neighborhood demonstrates how design affects the environment and people’s lifestyles.

Toner Architects

1901 South 9th Street Room 425, Philadelphia, PA 19148

About Toner Architects

Since 2010, Toner Architects has served the Philadelphia area with a single objective in mind: to cooperate with clients that love the process of design, architecture, and construction. The multidisciplinary company is committed to producing solutions that exceed its clients’ expectations. For the firm, design entails cooperation, sustainability, and technology, all of which Toner incorporates into its approach on a daily basis with each project. In the past 11 years, the firm has been featured in the Philly Mag, Remodeling Magazine, and Grid Magazine. The firm’s professional experience and collaborative methods have also won it the ATAS Project of the Year Award in 2016.

Toner Architects was formed by principal Ian Toner (AIA, NCARB, LEED-certified) out of a love of residential architecture and design. His diverse expertise in design, client relations, and project management, however, has taken him beyond residential projects and into a variety of other fields such as hospitality, higher education, and retail. His ideas are influenced by more than a decade of experience working on projects ranging from tiny kitchen and bath remodels to multi-million-dollar hotels.

Featured Projects

Toner Architects demonstrated its flexibility and design expertise in the adaptive reuse of the Parish House. Located in Philadelphia’s Kensington section, the project posed many challenges that the firm successfully addressed. The firm’s team kept up with the constantly changing list of design opportunities and made the most out of the location’s unique elements such as the high ceilings and large windows. The result is a perfect marriage of vintage and modern: large expanses of exposed brick and stone wall coexist with a contemporary layout and modern finishes.

Studio Agoos Lovera Architecture

One South Broad St. Suite 1700, Philadelphia, PA 19107

About Studio Agoos Lovera Architecture

For the past 38 years, Studio Agoos Lovera has been dedicated to developing sustainable architecture and landscapes that benefit its communities and enhance the lives of those who use them via a creative, comprehensive, and sensitive approach. The firm has grown exponentially over the years because of its clear sense of purpose and its ongoing long-range planning. Two critical additions to the firm, Dave Franke and Jim Rowe, became principals in 1999, joining the founders in elevating the firm’s progressive nature. Under the team’s leadership, the firm has been featured in publications like Builder and Construction Journal.

Featured Projects

The firm’s comprehensive portfolio showcases its expertise in various project types. A notable structure that justifies the firm’s objectives is the Robert Morris Apartments. This 15-story Facility City office structure, constructed as a hotel in 1913 and listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Buildings, is being restored into a 140-unit apartment complex featuring various elaborate amenities and fabulous views.


4590 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127

About Morrissey

Morissey is an architectural and design firm that collaborates with a wide range of clients to create timeless and unique projects. Since 2010, the firm’s agile design approach has been extremely collaborative. This has produced numerous projects that reflect the history and tradition of urban areas while keeping up with the vitality and dynamics of today. As a result, Morissey specializes in a range of designs and settings, from restaurants and office spaces to single-family houses and multifamily apartments. At the helm of this firm are principals James Morrisey and Gustavo Zamir Garcia.

Featured Projects

Morissey’s portfolio reflects the trademark approach that pervades the firm’s work: a synthesis of high-design concepts and resourcefulness. 4001 Ridge Avenue is one of the firm’s structures that implements such an approach. Morissey was encouraged to assist in the renovation of the exterior of this ground-up mixed-use multifamily four-storey apartment complex in Philadelphia’s West Allegheny Neighborhood. Morrissey’s planned interior lobby and amenity areas offer a comfortable boutique hotel atmosphere as soon as residents enter their new home in this emerging Philadelphia neighborhood.

JKRP Architects

100 East Penn Square Suite 1080, Philadelphia, PA 19107

About JKRP Architects

Founded in 1984, JKRP Architects is a full-service architectural business built on the idea that every project prioritizes the client’s desires. The firm has been offering high-quality architectural design, programming, site selection, project design, construction documentation, and construction management services for almost four decades now. JKRP brings the client’s idea to life by creating carefully planned and well-built places. The result is more than simply a structure; it is a continuous experience that the firm is building together.

Spearheading the firm’s dynamic nature is founder and principal Jerry Roller (AIA, LEED). Beginning as a single practitioner, Jerry has overseen the firm’s expansion via the formation of JK Roller Architects LLC and, eventually, JKRP Architects. He is also a committed member of the American Institute of Architects, having served as President of AIA-PA and as Regional Director and Vice President on the National AIA Board. Jerry has become well-known for his high-profile retail and multifamily residential developments.

Featured Projects

A prime example of the firm’s fantastic multifamily structure in Philadelphia is The Link. The Link for CA Ventures is a blend of traditional restoration and modern development from the ground up. The sophisticated project saves 16 shops established in the 1880s alongside Lancaster Avenue and adds contemporary housing units above. There are 126 rooms total, with a combination of three-bedroom, two-bedroom, and junior one-bedroom layouts. The 146,000-square-foot structure also has 77,000 square feet of retail space.

Coscia Moos Architecture

1616 Walnut Street Suite 101, Philadelphia, PA 19103

About Coscia Moos Architecture

Coscia Moos Architecture, formed by principals Sergio Coscia (AIA, ULI) and David Moos (AIA, ULI), provides architectural planning and design for a comprehensive range of project types, servicing clients in the United States and across the world. The principles of design quality and customer service guide Coscia Moos. Coscia Moos recognizes that effective design concepts are best created in collaboration with its client by first grasping their vision, objectives, and resources. While retaining a fundamental approach, the firm’s team values teamwork inside the studio as well as communication with its clients and consultants to get the maximum result— which garnered the firm awards such as the 2021 Preservation Achievement Awards, Grand Jury Award, and the AIA Philadelphia Merit Award.

Featured Projects

The firm’s experience includes mixed-use residential complexes, business buildings and interiors, healthcare and labs, and higher education institutions such as food service and campus life centers. From the multifamily and mixed-use industry, the firm has designed fresh and functional structures— including The Poplar. The renovations of the building aim to preserve the structure’s significant cultural identity while also providing modern amenities. The foundation of the firm’s sustainable design was also a strategy that effortlessly integrated these modern amenities while effectively maintaining the old building’s charm.

Cecil Baker + Partners Architects

1107 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

About Cecil Baker + Partners Architects

Cecil Baker + Partners is an architectural firm providing design services to institutional, educational, governmental and private sector clients. Established in 1982 and based in Philadelphia, the firm’s planning, architecture and interior design services include feasibility studies, programming, design of new structures and conversion of existing structures.

“The persuasion of place. The power of simple shapes. The choreography of passage. The shared exploration.” These four markers are the firm’s guideposts in the pursuit of cohesive, harmonious architecture. The resulting works subtly unfold to reveal their character over time, offering inhabitants an intimate and unique relationship with their environment.

With partners Cecil Baker, Nancy Bastian, AIA, and Eric Leighton, AIA, the firm creates buildings and sites that bring people in touch with culture, community and nature. The designs emerge from a careful process that adheres to the budget, incorporates users’ desires, and assists the owner in establishing clear priorities. The resulting works become integral to both their community and natural setting.

Featured Projects

Working across the housing spectrum, Cecil Baker + Partners is well known for working on the highest level luxury housing, from multi-family condominiums to single-family residences. The firm has an equally thriving practice in the design of affordable housing, working closely with an array of mission driven developers in the Philadelphia region. A recent project of note is 500 Walnut, a new ultra-luxury condominium tower overlooking the most historic site in the City – Independence Hall. Completed in 2018, the 26-story project includes 30 residential build-to-suit condominiums over four stories of extensive amenities. Cecil Baker + Partners’ intervention at this pivotal historic site is uncomplicated, responding to the scale and rhythms of the neighboring Penn Mutual Tower, and honoring the venerable site of the birthplace of our nation by maintaining open sky framing the cupola of Independence Hall when viewed from the Liberty Bell. History’s cleaver slices the northern end of 500 Walnut. It reveals a glassy prismatic skin facing Independence Park. An echoing inflection at the corner of 5th and Walnut Streets suggests a gateway to Society Hill.

Das Architects

1628 JFK. Blvd. Suite 1300, Philadelphia, PA 19103

About Das Architects

Founded in 1985, DAS Architects has long been a nationally known architecture and interior design practice that has developed hundreds of unique hotel, retail, and residential buildings. DAS integrates hospitality-driven principles to retail, business, and residential buildings, resulting in the best experience. DAS designs are frequently recognized in magazines such as Hospitality Design, Nation’s Restaurant News.

Founding principal David Schultz and co-founder Susan Davidson believe that in order to properly meet the demands of a client, spaces must be viewed holistically. Construction of a room is just as important as what goes inside.
This philosophy has bolstered the firm’s success, winning awards such as the Boutique Design Magazine’s 2020 Gold Key Award and the Top construction award to DAS Architects 2020 from GBCA.

This philosophy has bolstered the firm’s success, winning awards such as finalist for Boutique Design Magazine’s 2020 Gold Key DAS’s recently completed Hyatt Centric Philadelphia has been named a finalist for a 2021 Hospitality Design Award.

Featured Projects

DAS’s portfolio includes a wide range of styles and distinct feel to the projects that were developed to represent the client’s needs and wants and not the firm’s. Among these structures, The Harper is a stunning multifamily structure that does exactly that. The Harper is a 280,000-square-foot, 24-story skyscraper located at 112 S. 19th Street, one block from Rittenhouse Square and in the heart of the Rittenhouse neighborhood’s vibrant shopping and dining scene. It has 167 distinct apartment units, a ground-floor restaurant, underground parking, and first-rate facilities. This project is a compelling visual design that reflects the client’s ideas and vision, all the while maintaining the use and purpose of the building.

Barton Partners

700 E. Main St. Suite 301, Norristown, PA 19401

About Barton Partners

Barton Partners was founded in 1990 as a sole-proprietorship in Philadelphia. In more than three decades, the firm has evolved into a vibrant and integrated design firm. It provides services in urban, architectural, and landscape architecture. Barton Partners aspires to deliver the best level of service to our clients as an integrated design business. With an unwavering commitment to cooperation, the firm’s creative efforts ultimately result in an increase in the value of its projects and the physical space in which they are housed. In 2017, Bruce Adelsberger (LEED-accredited, AIA, DVGBC member) and other principals completed their transfer into full equity control of the company. Since then, the principal’s dynamic and agile leadership expanded the firm on the multidisciplinary services and collaborative culture that have served our clients so well in recent years.

Featured Projects

The firm’s portfolio entails a comprehensive range of urban design, historic restoration design, and landscape architecture. One of the firm’s remarkable projects is the multifamily structure, the Alden Park. Alden Park is a multifamily residential apartment, historic tax credit restoration development of six 10-13 stories, incorporating 1920s Jacobean Revival-style brick buildings. The interior improvements comprised a thorough refurbishment of all 760+ units, ranging from modest studios to large three-bedroom apartments, as well as the building of 26 additional accessible units within old office spaces. Alden Park also includes a comprehensive update of all common and amenity areas, as well as extensive exterior masonry restoration and over 7000 new replicated windows.

WRT Planning & Design

1700 Market Street Suite 2800, Philadelphia, PA 19103

About WRT Planning & Design

Formed in 1963, WRT Planning & Design has been one of Philadelphia’s oldest partners in the architectural industry. The formative years of WRT were quickly punctuated by big-scale plans that laid the cornerstone for the firm’s concept. Since then, the firm has been serving the Philadelphian communities by designing places that enhance the natural and social environment. James K. Stickley, John R. Gibbs, and Keiko Tsuruta Cramer are part of the many principals whose individual backgrounds have an average of 20 years of professional experience. Together, these architects and designers provide simple answers for important challenges throughout all scales by recognizing the importance of a collaborative approach with their clients. The firm’s success has been featured in several publications, including the Planning Magazine and Affordable Housing Finance Magazine.

Featured Projects

The firm’s portfolio reflects a foundation built on a history of quality, creativity, and leadership in planning and design, as well as a dedication to the firm’s guiding values of working with nature and reinforcing urbanization. The STRATA Flats, a multifamily project, is one of the firm’s noteworthy structures. STRATA Flats is made up of three residential buildings: West, East, and Symphony. The West building is a brand-new five-story building on the ArtsWalk, placing dozens of lucky residents in the center of all the new action in the revitalized city. The 170-unit structure was quickly and completely leased, prompting the construction of two more STRATA buildings adjacent to the original to satisfy demand. STRATA East had 67 apartments, and STRATA Symphony had 71 units.

BLT Architects

1216 Arch Street Suite 800, Philadelphia, PA 19107

About BLT Architects

Founded in 1961, Bower & Fradley began as a boutique business, combining iconic design with exceptional management. Today, BLT Architects is an award-winning full-service architectural and interior design practice specializing in mixed-use, multi-family residential, hotel, office, higher education, and transit-oriented projects. Principals Michael Prifti and Eric Rahe. For more than half a century, the firm has been pursuing the aims of a future that is culturally, economically, and technologically sustainable— and just recently, the firm has been recognized for this by being awarded the 2021 Preservation Alliance Achievement Award. Hospitality design, Planning for higher education journal, and the Front desk magazine, are among the few that have featured the firm’s progressive nature.

Featured Projects

BLT’s portfolio entails the firm’s development of settings that meet and exceed client and users expectations. The Alexander project is a clear example of the firm’s commitment to fulfilling client goals. This 483,000-square-foot residential skyscraper is made up of a three-story foundation and 30 three-story towers. The brick, cast stone, and granite cladding, as well as the craftsmanship with French balconies and well-proportioned set-back façade, are reminiscent of magnificent apartment buildings from the past. The skyscraper has 264 rental apartment apartments ranging in size from 3-bedrooms to studios, while the ground level contains 13 townhouses and ground floor retail space.


The Philadelphia Building 1315 Walnut Street Suite 600, Philadelphia, PA 19107

About Bernardon

Since its inception in 1973, Bernardon has been a full-service architectural, interior design, and landscape architecture business that has won several awards including the The Architect’s Newspaper 2020 Best of Design Awards, 2019 Grand Project of the Year in the Mid-Rise category by Multifamily Executive and the 2018 NAHB Award Winner: Chestnut Square. Previously known as Bernardon Haber Holloway Architects, The company’s new name simply became “Bernardon,” a tribute to founder Arthur A. Bernardon, AIA, who founded the firm and has guided it to become one of the top 300 architectural companies in the country.

Featured Projects

The demand for high-end structures in fashionable urban districts continues to increase in this dynamic market, and the urban fabric itself – restaurants, retail stores, and nightlife – is a necessary amenity. To challenge this demand, Bernardon has built a phenomenal market presence with convenient and elegant housing units in prime urban developments all over the region. One of the firm’s solutions to the ever growing demand in Philadelphia is the project, West End Flats. West End Flats is a new luxury apartment neighborhood that marks the beginning of the renovation of Media’s western entrance. The 162-unit building will set a new standard for luxury apartment living in Media, with a groundbreaking modern design, an outdoor pool, a workout center, and simple underground parking.

The Best Commercial Contractors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Behind every great structure is a durable construction plan. Commercial construction requires a precise process executed by licensed builders with extensive experience. This list compiles the best commercial contractors in Philadelphia. Each company has been chosen by our editorial team based on its years in the business, the variety of services it offers, and the recognition it has received. For a durable commercial space, take a look at our list below!

Top Commercial Contractors

Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc.

919 Glenbrook Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

About Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc.

Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc. is one of Pennsylvania’s leading commercial contractors serving a multitude of industries. For more than 30 years, the firm has developed a streamlined process of constructing durable structures. Its team of skilled builders actively collaborates with clients to achieve the best project possible.

Featured Projects

The firm’s commercial projects consist of auto dealerships, schools, offices, and more. One of its expansive projects is the Audi West Chester automobile dealership. This 48,000-square-foot, two-story dealership houses 21 service bays, new alignment equipment, and a full assortment of amenities that enhance the customer experience.

Russ Kelly & Associates

146 E Black Horse Pike, Mt. Ephraim, NJ 08059

About Russ Kelly & Associates

Russ Kelly & Associates is a commercial general contractor focused on delivering quality structures to its extensive clientele. The firm is led by president Barbara Kelly. Her profound industry expertise includes everything from strategic planning to communication skills. The firm’s strong presence in the commercial construction industry has built its strong reputation among clients and peers in the industry.

Featured Projects

A few of its notable clients include Pandora, CNBC, Schulson Collective, and more. The firm’s portfolio of work displays the firm’s flexibility when it comes to complex structures. Take, for example, the Haro & Crown restaurant in Sansom Street. The bi-level space features a forty-seat bar on the first floor and a more intimate bar on the lower level. The restaurant was constructed to accommodate and host private parties. Its design also exhibits a rustic feel complete with antique chandelier lighting, street lights, and elaborate, framed mirrors.

Domus Construction

101 Limeklin Pike, Glenside, PA 19038

About Domus Construction

Domus Construction is one of the longest-serving commercial contractors in Pennsylvania and neighboring states. C. Edward Hillis is responsible for the firm’s overall operations. The firm is well-versed in high-quality, cost-effective construction. It is also an award-winning firm with plenty of recognition for its remarkable construction contributions.

Featured Projects

The firm’s portfolio includes an impressive list of the firm’s diverse work in different industries. One of its commercial works is The MET located in Broad St. Philadelphia. The 137,850-square-foot theater was completed in collaboration with Atkin Olshin Schade Architects and Holy Ghost LP. Domus Construction provided plasterwork, new mechanical systems, recreated balconies, and railings. The Grand Salle was also restored.

Intech Construction

3020 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19104

About Intech Construction

Since 1986, InTech Construction has been one of Philadelphia’s key partners in construction. Will Schwartz and Craig Sabatino co-founded the firm and continue to set the standards of the firm’s construction services. The firm’s innovative influence on the commercial industry has been featured in Philadelphia Business Journal, Engineering News-Record, and Building Design + Construction.

Featured Projects

Intech Cinstruction’s construction expertise includes projects for corporate offices, cultural institutions, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and more. One of its large-scale commercial projects is the Parx Casino expansion of over 55,000 square feet of space. For more than 20 years, Parx Casino has trusted InTech to provide its construction and renovation services. The team performed an expansion of the restaurant, the dining room, the kitchen area, the poker room, as well as new construction for a showroom.

Clemens Construction

1435 Walnut Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19102

About Clemens Construction

Steven Pouppirt’s wealthy background in construction has helped him bring together a team of skilled designers and builders. The firm has actively collaborated throughout its residential and commercial projects. Some of its commercial structures have been recognized by awards including the 2020 Best Retail Project, the 2019 Merit Award, and the 2018 Best Historic Preservation Awards.

Featured Projects

As one of the leading commercial builders in Philadelphia, the firm has built many impressive structures, including Girar Square. The former Family Court building received a reconstruction from the firm that gave it a new life. The firm worked on 210,00 square feet of commercial space and equipped it with a structural system and an HVAC system. It was completed in 2017 in collaboration with Morris Adjmi/BLT Architects.

The Best Hotel Contractors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Being one of the oldest municipalities in the U.S. and the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is rich with history and culture. Visitors find the city easy to navigate with its grid street design. Many enjoy exploring Philadelphia’s wealth of public art, its historic buildings, and its important museums. Not surprisingly, the city offers great accommodation for every type of traveler, whether it’s for business or pleasure or both. Our editorial team decided to list the top ten contractors behind the City of Brotherly Love’s hotels. We selected them based on awards, work history, recent projects, and the hotel experience that they can offer.

Top Hotel Contractors

H&H Construction

1042 Columbia Avenue, Sinking Spring, PA 19608

About H&H Construction

H&H Construction is prepared to handle many kinds of projects within the hospitality industry. It specializes in quality and detailed building construction. It also offers design/build services whether single or multi-building and it can handle the complications and rigorous processes of multi-million dollar projects. H&H construction is further equipped with construction management, pre-construction, budgeting, and development. After reviewing its excellent record of successful projects, you’ll agree that the firm is reliable in terms of time and budget efficiency.

Featured Projects

H&H is a member of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association. The firm has many impressive projects in the greater Philadelphia metro area. These include suites, plazas, country clubs, and inns. Featured here is one of its projects, the Fairfield Inn in Allentown. The inn features 114 hotel rooms with detail-oriented design and construction.

Murphy Quigley Company

333 East City Ave., Two Bala Plaza Suite 404, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

About Murphy Quigley Company

The Murphy Quigley Company has contributed greatly to the landscape of Philadelphia. The firm has built numerous historic structures within the city, including the Drake Hotel. This 375-foot-tall luxury hotel was built in 1928. The Art Deco Style hotel has Spanish Baroque terra cotta ornamentation inspired by Sir Francis Drake. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 and remains one of the firm’s most iconic projects.

Featured Projects

The company’s gallery bears witness to how Murphy Quigley Company has evolved from its humble beginnings as a small contracting business in 1899 to the construction management and general contractor giant it is today. Since the beginning, the company has remained committed to good service and attention to detail. A perfect example is this historic restoration of John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove which was first built in 1762. With the company’s extensive interior and exterior refurbishment, the project was recognized by The Preservation Alliance of Philadelphia in 2018.

Domus Construction

101 Limekiln Pike, Glenside, PA 19038

About Domus Construction

Domus Construction has a huge array of projects. The firm works on schools, commercial buildings, historic restoration, multi-unit residential, and hospitality projects. It is also known for its restaurant projects in Philadelphia that feature themed-dining. The Parc Restaurant and Bistro & Café, which reflects an authentic 1940s-style French bistro experience, is a good example. Aside from building quality projects, the firm also commits to diversity by working towards affordable housing. The firm adheres to sustainability by following the LEED and Passive House Standard.

Featured Projects

One of the major hotel projects of Domus Construction is the Le Meridien Hotel. This 1912 Revival-style building won the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Award in 2010 and the Grand Jury Award for Historic Preservation the year after. Aside from 202 new hotel rooms, the firm also worked on its 90-seat restaurant, 40-seat bar and lounge, and a central atrium that has a 75-foot ceiling and skylight.

Hunter Roberts Construction Group

1717 Arch Street, 34th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103

About Hunter Roberts Construction Group

Some firms take time to build their name, but Hunter Roberts Construction is a quick study. In February 2005, Jim Mckenna and 11 of his colleagues founded the company. With carefully selected experts in design and construction, Hunter Roberts Construction Group expanded and opened new offices before the year ended. In 2006, it earned prestigious awards for its excellent projects such as the American Society of Interior Award and Best Historical Restoration Project. Other awards of the firm include Best Adaptive Reuse Project for its 23rd Street Condominiums project, a Building of Americas Award, and a Top 10 Contractor of the Year ranking by ENR New York.

Featured Projects

The company proved its resilience by surviving the recession and continues to find new ways to excel every year. One of its hotel projects is the elegant Surrey Hotel. Hunter Roberts provided construction management, worked on new infrastructure, and installed a supplementary backup generator and a cooling tower.

High Construction Company

1853 William Penn Way, Lancaster, PA 17601

About High Construction Company

Even after the building is done, hotels will need a builder once in a while. High Construction Company can help whether they wish to enter a new market, increase revenues, reinvent a brand, or provide a better experience to guests. That is because aside from new construction, the firm specializes in renovations, additions, retrofits, and feasibility studies.

Featured Projects

In its 85 years of operations, High Construction Company has worked on more than 45 hotel projects. It has mastered various types of hotels such as business, suite, extended-stay, and resort hotels. The company currently covers Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Virginia. Interested clients can check the firm’s brochure and its many impressive projects, including this Residence Inn – Lancaster.

Wohlsen Construction

1200 W. Swedesford Road Suite 130 Berwyn, PA 19312

About Wohlsen Construction

Many firms last for decades, but Wohlsen Construction has been standing strong for more than a century. A teenager in 1877, Herman Wohlsen moved from Germany to Pennsylvania and applied his skills in carpentry. He founded his own company in 1890, banking on his excellent work ethic and his eye for the details.

His legacy continues as the company has maintained its work ethics reputation through its President and CEO Gary Langmuir. Gary is a recipient of the Lancaster Samaritan Counseling Center’s Ethics in Business Award. The award is based on the principles of integrity, fairness, justice, stewardship, and transparency.

Featured Projects

Wohlsen Construction maintains a team-oriented approach, collaborating its way to successful projects. A great example of its work is this adaptive reuse and expansion of the existing Wilbur Chocolate Factory, which includes a boutique hotel and shell space for 26 high-end condominiums.

Clemens Construction Company Inc.

The Drexel Building 1433 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19102

About Clemens Construction Company Inc.

This Philadelphia-based firm is an expert in the ground-up construction of hospitality projects, including hotels. With its vast experience, Clemens Construction Company can work through the many challenges of hotel construction. The firm is also adept at working in occupied spaces. Through proper scheduling, it can avoid major disruptions to hotel operations and their guests.

Featured Projects

A perfect example of a Clemens Construction Company project is this chic Hyatt Centric Hotel in Chancellor Street. The space was previously a structured parking garage with ground-floor retail. It took a year and a half of thorough preconstruction planning for this project. The new building is now a 13-story full-service hotel that also features a 220-car capacity parking garage and 7,500-square-feet of ground-floor retail.

INTECH Construction

3020 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19104

About INTECH Construction

One of the largest construction companies in Philadelphia, INTECH Construction offers pre-construction, construction management, design/build, and renovations & interiors. For more than 30 years, the company has completed projects in more than ten sectors. It also has concrete commitments that adhere to its values—safety, quality & excellence, diversity, community, and sustainability.

Featured Projects

INTECH Construction’s portfolio features impressive hospitality projects. One of its most impressive pieces is the Hotel Palomar, previously the iconic Architects Building. The challenge was to restore the 1930 historic building, especially its façade. The firm had to work around the tight urban site. Regardless, the new luxury boutique hotel features 20 floors of guest rooms. The first two floors are dedicated to a restaurant and reception spaces; the top two floors consist of meeting rooms and a ballroom. The hotel is recognized as a LEED Gold structure.

The Best Mixed-Use Contractors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


As the economic and cultural hub of the greater Delaware Valley, Philadelphia has an urban village landscape that puts its historic influences and modern potential in the spotlight. Throughout the city, upgraded and restored hundred-year-old buildings reminiscent of the city’s colonial history stand side-by-side with contemporary, sustainably-built, and energy-efficient high-rises that represent its future transformation. Partly responsible for shaping these cityscapes are the best mixed-use contractors in Philadelphia—contractors that helped individuals, developers, and entrepreneurs claim their place in this dynamic urban environment. The firms on the list below have completed landmarks and iconic buildings that redefined what is to live, work, and thrive in this exciting art, music, and business oasis. Our editorial team decided to feature a mix of both experienced and emerging firms that are recognized by the construction industry’s biggest institutions._

Top Contractors

INTECH Construction

3020 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19104

About INTECH Construction

High-performing buildings that provide short-term and long-term values to developers and investors make up INTECH Construction’s mixed-use building portfolio. These projects emphasize quality and sustainability. Craig Sabatino and Will Schwartz founded this extensive practice over 30 years ago. Since then, the firm has dominated the industry’s commercial market. Engineering-News Record has consistently included the firm among its annual national and regional top contractors rankings. Philadelphia Business Journal and Urban Land are just two of the many publications that featured its works.

Featured Projects

One of the firm’s most notable mix-used developments in Philadelphia is Lincoln Square. The 548,000-square-foot project involved the construction of a parking garage and a new tower. The firm was also tasked to renovate and complete an addition to the complex’s historic train shed building. Before breaking ground, the firm first took on the challenge of excavating and getting rid of the contaminated soil that had been sitting on the property for years. Once the hazardous dirt was hauled off-site, the construction green light was given. The project is commended for its architectural presence. It also played a vital role in the area’s economic development. For this reason, the firm earned the 2019 Economic Impact Award from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.

Clemens Construction Company

1435 Walnut St. Floor 2, Philadelphia, PA 19102

About Clemens Construction Company

Clemens Construction company is one of the most established general contractors in Pennsylvania. The firm specializes in complex urban construction and infill projects for a wide spectrum of markets, including multifamily, hospitality, education, and institutional sectors. It was founded in 1979 and since then, the firm has earned awards in sustainability, historic preservation, and building. Its multi-awarded projects for mixed-use facilities are among the highlights of its practice. In recent years, the firm won several General Building Contractors Association (GBCA) awards and an Economic Impact Award from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.

Featured Projects

The South Star Lofts located in Philadelphia’s historic district, Broad Street, is one of the firm’s most iconic mixed-use projects in the city. Completed in 2013 for Dranoff Properties, the building covers 120,000 square feet and houses apartments and retail space. The company partnered with JKRP Architects to design a commercial and residential facility that blends well with its existing cultural and architectural context. Green building methods and design were incorporated into the development. Upon completion, the building secured US Green Building Council’s LEED Silver certification.

McDonald Building Company

910 East Main St. Suite #101, Norristown, PA 19401

About McDonald Building Company

McDonald Building Company opened its doors in 2010 as an answer to the growing need for contractors that cater to the multifamily, healthcare, senior housing, commercial, and retail sectors. An emerging professional, the firm was among the 2015 Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Philadelphia. Much of its work caught the attention of industry entities, including the AIA that gave one of the firm’s projects the 2014 Awards of Excellence recognition. Paul McDonald established the company as a single-source solution that has the license and manpower to serve the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

Featured Projects

One of the firm’s major projects is Jon Bon Jovi (JBJ) Soul Homes. It is a mixed-use facility that won the AIA Award of Excellence in recent years. The four-story development was a collaboration with the renowned architectural firm, Kitchen & Associates, and was built on a triangular property that accommodates retail space, commercial space, residential units, administrative offices, a fitness area, and a green, sustainable roof. Aside from its LEED-Silver certification, it was the first Energy-Star Multifamily High-Rise certified building in Philadelphia and the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Domus Construction

101 Limekiln Pike, Glenside, PA 19038

About Domus Construction

Academic, commercial, multi-residential, and hospitality construction projects fill Domus Construction’s portfolio—a dossier four decades in the making. Since C. Edward Hillis founded the company, the firm has delivered buildings that champion functionality, sustainability, and architectural excellence. The firm is recognized by industry leaders, including USGBC, AIA, and the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Philadelphia. One of its most commended projects in the city is the 40th Street Promenade.

Featured Projects

The 40th Street Promenade is a 102,000-square-foot mixed-use building designed by Piatt Associates. The nine-story facility was built to accommodate retail units, rental apartments, and a gourmet restaurant. The concrete post-tension structure is a recognizable landmark due to its unique, visually-striking presence among the urban area’s high-rises. One of its technologically-advanced features is a rain-screen system on its exterior that acts as a drainage plane that protects the building from air and moisture.

Tester Construction Group

1541 Ridge Ave. Suite #1, Philadelphia, PA 19130

About Tester Construction Group

Tester Construction Group is an emerging general contracting and construction management company. Since its inception in 2017, the firm has produced landmark projects for the commercial, multifamily, and mixed-use markets in Philadelphia and Florida. Founder and principal Michael Tester, LEED AP, has a strong, 15-year background in construction and sustainable building. Under his leadership, the firm works with renowned developers from a wide range of sectors.

Featured Projects

In the past, Development company Argo Property Group commissioned the firm to build The Fairview, a mixed-use facility in Philadelphia. The project involved the new construction of a five-story commercial building that houses commercial spaces, a basement-to-roof deck elevator system, and a high-end interior lobby and lounge area. The building also features a terracotta facade, groupings of tall, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a glass entrance that brings in a generous amount of daylight. The same light flows throughout the building’s interiors. Canno Design Associates designed the building, ensuring that its exteriors blend in seamlessly with the area’s existing architectural context.